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Beloved Benefit has raised $12+ million to support 40+ organizations building the Beloved community.

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The Beloved Benefit

A signature program of The Same House, Beloved is a heart-and-soul stirring annual experience that brings people together—from every neighborhood and community in Atlanta—to strengthen our city.

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August 24th, 2023

Georgia World Congress Center

This Year's Beneficiaries

2023 Mental Health Beneficiaries



Silence the Shame

This year’s 2023 Beloved Benefit will feature a headline performance by musical guest John Legend and others.

The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta (CFGA) is pleased to serve as fiscal agent for Beloved Benefit. In accordance with the Internal Revenue Code, CFGA is required to provide a receipt specifying the value, if any, of any benefits received in exchange for contributions to Beloved Benefit. The fair market value of benefits received is $100 per ticket. This may affect the deductible amount of your contribution. Federal tax laws also require us to inform you that the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta has exclusive legal control of your contribution and that your contribution is subject to the Community Foundation’s variance power.By attending the 2023 Beloved Benefit, I expressly grant permission to the Beloved Benefit, all sponsors of the event, the participating staff, volunteers, media and vendors, and designees to record, broadcast and otherwise share through any form of media, throughout the world and for commercial or non-commercial purposes, any aural or visual depiction of my name, image, likeness, or any combination thereof which results from my involvement in the events or performance of the activities contemplated at the 2023 Beloved Benefit for any purpose whatsoever without any compensation of any type to me, my successors or assignees. Any person entering the premises waives all civil liability against this premises owner and operator for any injuries caused by the inherent risk associated with contracting COVID-19 at public gatherings, except for gross negligence, willful and wanton misconduct, reckless infliction of harm, or intentional infliction of harm, by the individual or entity of the premises.